The continuous improvement in the benefits of the products and in the productive processes has carried  the microelectronic to be present in the most diverse environments of the human activity, with the perspective to increase constantly its participation.  Therefore,  a country that intend to be inserted in the world in a sovereign way cannot underestimate the need to increase the capacity of its industry in the area.  The components of the Chain of value of the ME are the following:

    1. Circuit design, with aggregate value of know-how and designer´s experience
    2. Design software tools (CAD) with verification and simulation
    3. Prototype of circuits and trial (testing)
    4. Chip production
    5. Packaging  and testing

    Save the first link, the remainders require a great investment in infrastructure, with a permanent updating.  Nevertheless, the Design of circuits is perfectly accessible in Argentina, given that only requires knowledge and experience, and can be carried out on standard computers.  In fact numerous examples of Argentines in the world exist that carry out this activity in businesses of first line or PYMES, leaving from the local college education and completing their knowledge with the courses of training and the adequate practice offered by the universities or foreign businesses.

    A fundamental part of the design, is the production and trial of some prototypes through suppliers.  Various local laboratories conveniently equipped would be paymasters to carry out this phase.  Certain activities of low intensity production, as is the case of sensors and hybrid integration (MEMS, SOP’ s),  turn out to be feasible – the costs involved are very lower to the production of chips in great scale – and they would permit to develop an strategic area, of important application in the domestic and international market.