Patient assistance

Design of electronic microdrip of low cost for serum precision dosage in hospitable patients.

  • Responsible Investigator: Dr. Héctor Chiacchiarini
  • Responsible Group: Dr. Pablo Mandolesi, Dr. Pedro Julián, Dr. Eduardo Paolini, Dra. Anahi Briozzo, Ing. Pablo Pareja Obregón, Ing. Martin Di Federico, Ing. Oscar Aymonino, Ing. Santiago Sondon
  • Microelectrónica para asistencia de pacientes

  • Total Cost of the project: $133.333
  • Start Date: April 11th 2011
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Type: PID 193
  • Beneficiary Institution:

    Southern National University


    IIDT De Caroli